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Hey everyone! Just joined the community about two minutes ago!

I finished the first Sons of the Dark book tonight. I have the second one but I think I'll wait until tomorrow. So far I like it.

What does everyone think about SOTD?

I miss the daughters, but this is a different spin on things, more evil.

Unfortunately I don't have money to spend on these books (damn they're costly!), so I have to wait for library copies. Excellent series though. Both of them.

Anyhow, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Sarah, and I'm 17. I love fantasy books, although I usually read older (Avalonish time frame) or completely made up (WOT) things.

A couple of my friends and I just formed a coven for Wicca; we wanted to practice it more often than we had been.

But I'm definitely tired right now so I'm going to go get some sleep! This was probably very lame but I'm tired and bored so I have an excuse!

<3 Sarah
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