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Huh What?!

I'm hoping someone here can help me.... What is going on with this book?

I've been checking the bookstore for MONTHS now. I've never seen it. I've seen the rest of the series but not this one. Whenever I ask for help from the guest relations of said bookstores (I've been to several trying to find this) they tell me that they can't find the book I'm talking about.

There are 20 used books so I'm assuming it has been released now.... why wasn't this released in mass like the rest of the series? I'm highly confused. Not to mention I was under the assumption that #12 was the last of this part of the series.

For that matter. Are there going to be anymore Sons of the Dark books? I enjoyed them, and I liked the subplot to the Daughters of the Moon story. I feel completely out of the loop. lol I was on top of these things before but not so much anymore.

Does anyone know? If not I may just email the publisher (after I go and order a copy of #13)
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